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In December 2016, the US Air Force began a series of satellite launches, including the $5.5 billion Falcon 9 rocket. 

With the launch of the Air Force’s first Atlas V rocket in February 2017, the Atlas V was the first rocket in the US to use an expendable launch vehicle (ERV). 

While the rocket used a liquid hydrogen fuel system, it also used an RL10 first stage engine for its first stage. 

In addition to its RL10 engines, the first stage of the Atlas 5 used a solid rocket motor, a common rocket technology used on many commercial rockets. 

While solid rocket motors are relatively inexpensive, the engine used on the Atlas is not. 

It uses a liquid propellant system, the RD-180, which is very expensive to develop. 

The RD-181, which was developed for the Saturn V rocket, uses liquid hydrogen and methane. 

“It’s really not a great fit for the Air National Guard,” said Bob Miller, a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security and a former astronaut who spent five years in the Air Forces as an astronaut flight test pilot. 

According to Miller, the fuel in the RD+180 engine is extremely reactive, and if the tank ruptures, it would not be able to get back up and reenter the atmosphere. 

And the engine is not really good at firing at high speeds, he added. 

Miller says the RD engine was designed to use a liquid fuel and not a solid propellant. 

To get a reliable engine, the Air Corps must have the RD1 engine for each of the four missions it uses in its current fleet. 

One of the missions, the Titan IV launch vehicle, uses the RD–180 engine. 

However, the rocket that launched the Titan I mission has the RD−180 engine in its first and second stages, which are more expensive to build than the RD3. 

Other missions that use the Titan II launch vehicle also use the RD engines, but that one is more expensive and has a shorter life. 

For the Atlas rocket, the last two missions use the RL10 engine.

The Atlas 5 has the RL–100 engine, which can be used for a wide range of tasks. 

But the RL+100 is much more expensive than the RL1 engine and has an even longer life.

In addition, the rockets are equipped with redundant engines, meaning they can fire multiple times before the rocket has to shut down. 

A second-generation rocket, which uses the RL2 engine, is also being used in the Atlas.

“You can have one engine for a whole mission,” said Miller.

“If you’re trying to do a big mission and need multiple engines, then the RL3 is a much better choice.”

But the problem is that the Atlas rockets can only be used once per launch, and the Air Air Alliance, the American space industry group that is responsible for maintaining the Atlas, has put a cap on the number of Atlas launches the group can handle. 

Each launch must be for the Atlas 4 or 5 rocket, and those are only used on two missions per year. 

If the group had to use the Atlas 6, it will only be able use one of the engines once per year for the next five years. 

When the Air Navy launches the new Atlas V, it’s expected to use both the RL6 and RL10. 

This means the Air Command could have three launches per year, but only four Atlas launches in total, because they can only fire the same engine twice per mission. 

That could make the Atlas a less reliable rocket for the US, Miller said. 

Although the Atlas has not yet been retired, it is no longer used in its prime. 

There’s a possibility that the Air Defense Command will retire the Atlas and replace it with a newer rocket that will have the same capabilities. 

During a March 2018 talk at the Institute of Advanced Study, former Secretary of Defense Robert Work said the Air force might replace the Atlas with a rocket that uses an RD-191 engine, a more efficient liquid fuel. 

Work did not specify which rocket would be used. 

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